My goal is your success, whether it being changing social policy, or deciding a new location for a new affordable housing project.

Team support

Data Analysis and Visualization: I can help you make a case for your initiative or business using beautiful data visualizations tailored to your audience. I am well-versed in traditional quantitative/qualitative methods, but also in community-based participatory action research (CBPAR).

Online and Offline Data Tools: I build tools for anyone who doesn’t have time to navigate through massive and complex world of data to help make data-driven decisions.

Spatial Analysis and Cartographic Design: Do you need to add a layer of geographic context to your analysis? I use GIS tools to make it happen, and I present them in a very thoughtful and beautiful way.

Training and Seminars: I speak both “data” and human language, and I am good at bridging the two worlds. I can provide customized trainings and seminars for your staff, constituents, and clients.

Research Scoping / Project Management: I can turn your questions and concerns into research questions. I can help you identify the right researchers to evaluate your new project/program and provide project management support.