About Me


I am a highly-skilled and motivated researcher/data visualization designer in area of social justice with ten years of experience in social policy research, quantitative/spatial (GIS) analysis, BI tool development, and data visualization.

You can download my full CV here.

Throughout my career, I have proven that I can:

  • Develop and quality control research and data visualization processes to maximize efficiency
  • Manage a team of analysts and their work for a large-scale countywide primary data collection and analysis project (Annual Homeless Count)
  • Train 500+ individuals on how to leverage data and mapping technology to lift up community voices and influence policy
  • Analyze geographic patterns of California’s three major foundations’ investments of $230 MM per year to prioritize high-need communities

I have a strong background in areas of:

social justice, racial equity, homelessness, affordable housing, community safety, access to healthcare, social determinants of health, and funding for vulnerable students in California schools.

My expertise include:

Point-In-Time Homeless Count | Homelessness Policy | GIS/spatial analysis for policy advocacy and evaluation | User/audience oriented data visualization | Place-based strategy for philanthropic investment | Hiring and Management | Local Policies and Governance | Data Management and Quality Control | Community need index | Community-engaged mapping | Community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) | Social equity | Social determinants of health | Housing affordability | Socioeconomic service gap analysis | Community needs assessment

My tools are:

  • Geospatial Analysis and Cartography: ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
  • Data Visualization and Layout Design: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (advanced), R, Tableau, Power BI
  • Quantitative/Statistical policy analysis: R, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL/SQL Server
  • Survey Tools: Qualtrics and Survey Monkey

I am also well-versed in:

  • Administrative Data Management and Analysis
  • Staff Supervision and Management
  • Project Coordination/Management – designing and tracking work process, quality control, inter- and intra- team communications, presentation of final deliverables for various audiences.
  • Demographic and socioeconomic data sources evaluation and utilization
  • Presentation, training, and curriculum development on data analysis, mapping, and data visualization